Africa! Ignite

Africa! Ignite Living in rural and remote parts of South Africa comes with extensive social issues, including gender and maternal health. I spent a month traveling through rural KwaZulu-Natal capturing images and stories of mothers, grandmothers and children.


Keiskamma Keiskamma Trust is a non-profit organisation established in 2001 in Hamburg, Eastern Cape, South Africa, responding to surrounding communities living in poverty, experiencing high levels of unemployment and suffering from repeated political onslaughts for 250 years. I have developed a close relationship with the community of Hamburg and been making photographs with them since … Read More

Young Change Drivers

Young Change Drivers June 16th 2016 – June 16th 2030 was a six month book project documenting challenges, dreams and activism of Activators – young people driving positive social change in their communities and across South Africa. PUBLISHED WORK ACTIVATE Drop Banners (pdf) ACTIVATE profiles (pdf) ACTIVATE annual report (pdf) ACTIVATE leaflet (pdf)

Saving Mussels

Saving Mussels Diminishing species of mussels has a harsh knock-on effect for both the ocean and the communities who rely on it for economic survival. This body of work, captured in one of South Africa’s most rural and remote coastal towns, Coffee Bay, showcases the efforts by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and local women … Read More

Where Rainbows Meet

Where Rainbows Meet The community of Vrygrond, Cape Town, is well known as crime-ridden and plagued by various social issues. These images showcase the work of NGO, Where Rainbows Meet, who provide valuable services and programmes in the area.

Home from home

Home from home Home from Home is an organisation that places displaced, abandoned and vulnerable children in small and loving family homes. Spending time documenting these loving environments came with a deep learning about sensitivity around what children need to thrive and develop. PUBLISHED WORK Home from home (pdf)

One child at a time

One child at a time While there have been advances in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, over 3 million children have been left vulnerable after losing one or both of their parents to the virus. Working alongside 25:40, a Washington based NGO, I spent time in rural areas documenting the work of the organisation … Read More

Water security

Water security Growing water scarcity, rapid population growth, drought-induced food shortages and climate change all contribute to inequitable access to reliable potable water. For this project, I travelled around Southern Africa to research and capture projects by the Global Water Partnership who foster an integrated approach to sustainable water resource management.