Umlibo A partnership between two non-profit organisations, WWF-SA and Keiskamma Art Project, resulted in the making of an extraordinary tapestry, Umlibo, highlighting the threat climate change poses to rural communities. I was asked to spend time with the artists, mainly women, capturing their daily lives. More than a million new born babies die during labour … Read More

Cleaner Production

Cleaner Production The disposal of waste has become a critical management issue on a global level. I was tasked with documenting the cleaner production processes practiced by the Namibian Department of Environmental Affairs around disposal of waste and monitoring processes.

Green Scorpions

Green Scorpions These images were taken on the frontline of environmental law enforcement in South Africa.  The ‘Green Scorpions’ work with Government officials enforcing environmental legislation. I was asked to capture abalone and crayfish poaching activities, academics research, wildlife rescue and water health monitoring.

Into the great wide

Into the great wide Traveling on horseback through the mountain-kingdom of Lesotho, I spent time living alongside a Basotho community where I captured eco-tourism activities and community engagement in the local tourism sector. PUBLISHED WORK Discover Travel (pdf)

Kingdom of eSwatini

Kingdom of eSwatini eSwatini, (formerly known as Swaziland) is a dynamic environmental, social and cultural mix. This photo story showcases images of the kingdom’s natural wildlife and flora and the country’s unique art, customs and community, providing an in-depth account of the country’s diversity. PUBLISHED WORK Leisure Travel (pdf)


Salt In the industrial fishing community of Saldanha Bay on South Africa’s west coast, fishing is not just a profession, it is a way of life. This project provides insight into the effect of climate change on marine life and the people who work and live off the fishing industry, as well as the efforts … Read More

Saving Mussels

Saving Mussels Diminishing species of mussels has a harsh knock-on effect for both the ocean and the communities who rely on it for economic survival. This body of work, captured in one of South Africa’s most rural and remote coastal towns, Coffee Bay, showcases the efforts by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and local women … Read More

Bridging Waters

Bridging Waters Transboundary water management in Southern Africa takes on political, social and environmental dynamics, a fine balancing act of partnership and transaction. From grassroots communities to political decision makers. Spending time with people and landscapes, affected by the management of their rivers, opened up debate around sustainability and growth. This body of work required … Read More

Water security

Water security Growing water scarcity, rapid population growth, drought-induced food shortages and climate change all contribute to inequitable access to reliable potable water. For this project, I travelled around Southern Africa to research and capture projects by the Global Water Partnership who foster an integrated approach to sustainable water resource management.

Life and times

Life and times I was a regular contributor to an online blog called Life-Times, a lifestyle blog supporting arts and culture in South Africa. This series of interviews and images feature the stories of people in and around South Africa who shared experiences about their lives, their struggles and their triumphs. PUBLISHED WORK Daughters of … Read More