Salt In the industrial fishing community of Saldanha Bay on South Africa’s west coast, fishing is not just a profession, it is a way of life. This project provides insight into the effect of climate change on marine life and the people who work and live off the fishing industry, as well as the efforts … Read More

Saving Mussels

Saving Mussels Diminishing species of mussels has a harsh knock-on effect for both the ocean and the communities who rely on it for economic survival. This body of work, captured in one of South Africa’s most rural and remote coastal towns, Coffee Bay, showcases the efforts by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and local women … Read More

Bridging Waters

Bridging Waters Transboundary water management in Southern Africa takes on political, social and environmental dynamics, a fine balancing act of partnership and transaction. From grassroots communities to political decision makers. Spending time with people and landscapes, affected by the management of their rivers, opened up debate around sustainability and growth. This body of work required … Read More